Hungry Wendy + Winstead Worm-on-a-String Vinyl Sticker

It’s Worm Time Babey! Worm-on-a-String A5 Journal

It’s Worm Time Babey! Worm-on-a-String A5 Journal

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The worm-on-a-string vinyl sticker to rule them all! Well, in addition to our other worm-on-a-string vinyl sticker featuring this dynamic duo, which is also available for purrchase...

The bond between worm and cat has never been stronger! Wendy and Winstead have always been fast friends with a deep mutual understanding, hovering forever in the place where hedonism meets epicureanism. 

Too much? Okay let's tone it down: it's a worm-on-the-string vinyl sticker - 10cmx10cm approx, featuring our girl Wendy and her pal Winstead and their mantra "My pleasures are small but my appetite is mighty." Those of you who have met Wendy will know just how true those words are 😩

Winstead is our resident squirmle and he insisted on starring in this worm-on-a-string vinyl sticker given that he is an exceptionally handsome worm. He is so beloved within the Cat Emporium community that we've dedicated a collection to him!

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