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Space Capsule Backpack

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As with the Space Capsule Backpack, the Space Portal Backpack is a streamlined way to transport your cat. This compact alternative to traditional carriers is especially suitable for pet owners who do not have cars and may need to walk their feline friend to the vet. Or perhaps you live with an especially adventurous moggy who likes to accompany you on strolls!

The Space Portal Backpack's snazzy features include:

✔️ The choice between a clear bubble window and a honeycomb grate for your cat to peep through. Simply screw these attachments in place depending on which one you’d like to use! Some cats may enjoy an entirely transparent front casing (see Space Capsule Backpack), while others will prefer to be able to settle into the bottom of their carrier without being seen.
✔️ 9 air vents - 3 on either side and 3 at the front.
✔️ 2 mesh panels on either side for more airflow. These also act as windows.
✔️ Supplied with a padded mat for your cat’s comfort.
✔️ Zips shut with 2 zippers on either side.
✔️ Includes an internal lead which can be attached to your cat’s collar if they wear one.
✔️ Adjustable padded, ergonomic shoulder/back straps + a handle at the top.
✔️ Carries up to 8kg.

Materials: PU leather + polyester lining.
Dimensions: (L) 32cm (12.6”) x (W) 29cm (11.5”) x (H) 42cm (16.5”).

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