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Wonderland Themed Cat Birthday Mug - 2020

Wonderland Themed Cat Birthday Mug - 2020

Hungry Wendy + Winstead Worm-on-a-String Vinyl Sticker

Hungry Wendy + Winstead Worm-on-a-String Vinyl Sticker

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An opportunity to show our appurreciation…
Like so many people, we’ve been evaluating what’s important to us. We are an independent business with a small team, so it should come as no surprise that we’ve been reflecting upon the concept of community and what it means to us. On a small scale, it means caring for each other as colleagues and friends, ensuring the well-being of our cats, and doing what we can to stay afloat. On a larger scale, it means expressing gratitude for the members of society who have put themselves at risk for the benefit of others. We cannot thank these people enough for their dedication and bravery.

As much as we need to raise funds in order to increase the likelihood of being able to open our doors again once restrictions are lifted, we want to offer support to the people who are on the front line of this crisis and have been working tirelessly to overcome it. Having scratched our heads (clawed some furniture) and pummelled our chests a bit, we’ve come up with this exclusive, limited-edition range of keychains and charms which have been designed to celebrate NHS workers.

50% of profits from pre-sales of these keychains will be donated to NHS Charities Together. This will be a direct donation to them via their Paypal donation page, we will be bypassing the Virgin NHS COVID-19 appeal page as we want all the funds donated to go direct to the charity, and Virgin will take a percentage of donations otherwise.

By purchasing one of these products you will be helping Lady Dinah’s to get through this tough time as well as donating money in aid of NHS workers and volunteers.

How it works
Our aim is to donate 50% of the proceeds generated by the sale of these charms to NHS Charities Together COVID-19 Appeal. The remainder will go towards keeping Lady Dinah’s open.

Product description
Our NHS Cat Charms feature delightful illustrations of our cats in tribute to the NHS designed by Cat Carer Extraordinaire and Artist in Residence, Amy.
Full colour print on acrylic, steel keychain attachment.
Each of our NHS Cat Charms cost £10.

We have also launched a set of designs that commemorate the health and safety guidelines which we’ve been striving to follow. Take a look at them here!

A huge round of appaws (…applause. We couldn’t let you leave without subjecting you to some dodgy wordplay) to key workers and volunteers! Thank mew for all that you do ❤️

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