Catnip Christmas Pudding

High Tea Sandwich Catnip Toy

High Tea Sandwich Catnip Toy

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What’s better than a plump Christmas pudding at the end of a gravy-laden meal with heaps of spuds and sprouts? Only one thing: a nice, plump Christmas purrding full of catnip! Okay, so this isn’t a culinary treat for you, but the sight of your furry friend getting into the festive spirit is just as a sweet as dessert.

Our Crochet Queen, Jez, has really outdone herself with this creation! We know that the Catnip Christmas Pudding looks realistic, but please refrain from soaking it in brandy and setting it alight. Such a scene would certainly make for a dramatic finale to your family gathering, but for all the wrong reasons.

Our Catnip Christmas Pudding has been tested and approved by our very own Santy Paws, Del Boy 😻

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