Win 1 of 10 x £10 Gift vouchers!

We're absolutely delighted to have reached our 10,000th online store sale! To celebrate this wonderful milestone, we're offering our friends and followers a chance to win a £10 gift voucher: there are...

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Ernest Takes a Holiday

Our little man Ernest has been a source of concern for the cat care team for a rather erm... delicate reason.  Some of you might know this from talking to our cat...

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Antifreeze - Extremely Dangerous to Cats

International Cat Care (iCatCare) have shared with us a press release about the danger of antifreeze to cats. This includes information on a free antifreeze awareness poster produced by the charity.  ...

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The story of the Flowerpot Kittens

Earlier this year, Olivia reached out to us to help her with a stray cat who had just given birth to four little kittens in her flowerpot.  The rare ginger queen, nicknamed...

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