Meet the kittens!

Meet The Kittens Dorian Dorian is a beautiful little lady, isn’t he? She’s a playful cutie and, although she doesn’t like cuddles much, she really loves to play. Her favourite thing is parkour.  You can...

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The story of Mimi and the Wilde Kittens - Meet Mimi!

Mimi’s Story Those of you who follow us online will know that Mimi was mentioned to us by one of our friends in the community, Andrea. She tweeted us a picture of...

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Our First Cat Bingo Night!

Last week Lady Dinah's invited me (Mandy, cat lady blogger) to join them for their new evening event at the Cat Emporium. In the enchanted forest, underneath the shimmering ivy, surrounded by the...

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Farewell 2016!

Well it's time to say goodbye to 2016 and hello to 2017! It was a busy year for us; we got up to an awful lot, and it's amazing to look back...

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