Farewell to Victor: The Most Special Cat We Know

It’s a tender time for the team at The Emporium as we prepare to say goodbye to the most wonderfully unique feline that has ever crossed our path: it’s Victor’s time to depart from the cafe and settle into retirement in his own forever home. He’s been getting a little jealous of some of the other cats lately and he’s been caught up in a few minor scraps! Because we know that sweet Vicky is usually such a gentle-natured soul we’ve recognised this as a sign that he’s ready to fly the nest.

As always, cat welfare comes first and we’re eager for Victor to live somewhere where he’s completely at ease. However, this special little guy is a big favourite amongst staff members and his presence is going to be hugely missed. He’s definitely the quirkiest cat in the Lady Dinah’s family and each one of his eccentricities is an extra reason he tugs on our heartstrings.

Here’s a roundup of why Vicky is such a special boy, and if you think you can offer him a suitable home and a lifetime of cuddles then scroll to the bottom for a link to his adoption questionnaire.

His Humble Beginnings

Victor’s origin story is one of our favourites to share as it’s a classic rags-to-riches tale that lives in Lady Dinah’s infamy. In early 2016, a tiny black kitten was found abandoned and lonely in a broken box just off of Brick Lane. A kindly stranger found him and brought him into the cafe in a brave rescue operation, where he was quarantined while we figured out where his home could be. After a while of settling in, getting his vaccinations and being neutered, he slowly met the other cats in the clowder and soon fit into the feline family wonderfully. The rest is history -- we’ve spent the past four years cuddling him, spoiling him and treating him like the true prince he is!


His Sweet and Snoozy Nature

To meet Victor is to fall instantly in love with him. He is a lover, not a fighter; he’s the gentlest little guy you’ll ever meet and he loves a good old snooze! Most of the time that the cafe is open you’ll find him blissfully sailing through dreamland from the comfort of one of our many cosy cat beds. He is a tease, though: he likes to sleep right where everyone can see him, causing everyone within his vicinity to feel a burning desire to give him cuddles -- although touching sleeping cats is strictly forbidden. He definitely knows the irresistible effect he has on people.

When Victor does eventually hop down for a wander, he loves showing off his strut on the cat wheel and adores stretching out on shiny blankets. He’s always up for a cuddle and a little pat on the bum, and sometimes headbutts passing humans in a beg for attention. A little-known secret about Vicky is that he likes to snooze all day and party all night -- an activity tracker showed him frequently going wild at 4am!


The Sexy Leg

In a truly iconic fashion, Victor will often wake up, bleary-eyed and yawning, and elegantly extend a lovely, long leg out from beyond his chosen bed. He’ll frequently stay in that position for a good amount of time all ready for a photoshoot, some admiration or even just to try and get in the way of a passing member of the wait staff. He’ll even fall asleep with his leg fully extended like a sleek fishing pole. The action of it, alongside his silky fur and smouldering golden eyes, is why we hold him single-handedly responsible for that time Waitrose Pets rejected us for affiliate marketing due to ‘Adult Content.’ Tone it DOWN, Vicky! #toosexyforwaitrose


Piggyback Parades

When such a regal creature wants to move from point A to point B, are they expected to (gasp!) walk there themselves?! Gosh, no. Vicky likes to ride in style and he chooses to clamber onto a lucky human’s back almost every day. Whoever he deems worthy of carrying his royal self is expected to parade him around the cafe, greeting his loyal subjects (ahem, Lady Dinah’s customers) and getting as many cuddles as humanly possible. It’s a true honour to be chosen for this role.


After a short while, when His Snooziness is ready to depart from the piggyback, he will shuffle around clumsily until his human assistant approaches a bed that he deems worthy to hold him while he sleeps. He then hops off and, with all the excitement, is usually snoozing away again within seconds. It’s a very sacred ritual.


His Tiny Back Legs, Whiskers and Jaw

Not only is Victor rich in personality and soul, but his appearance is uniquely beautiful, too! He actually has a tiny little lower jaw, shorter-than-usual back legs and kitten-like teeth and whiskers. None of these areas have properly developed as Victor has grown up, but it doesn’t affect his health or abilities at all. He can do everything any other cat can do, but it just means his appearance is a little different! The only thing that needs to be taken care of is making sure to brush his teeth every day to keep his little chompers strong and keep gingivitis at bay. He truly is one of a kind.


His Oh-So-Soft Coat

In addition to his outward appearance suggesting Victor still has some kitten-like physical attributes, it seems that he still has his kitten fur, too. Visitors to the Emporium have often exclaimed with joy or simply melted after stroking his velvety coat -- he truly is the softest cat. In addition to this, when the light hits his fur just right it glimmers and gleams with hints of a gingery brown, just like he’s constantly in an advertisement for hair conditioner. What is the secret to your irresistibly glossy locks, Vic?!



There you have it! There are too many things to mention when it comes to listing the reasons to love Victor, but these little quirks are what really set him aside from any other cat we know. We’ll miss witnessing them all in the cafe everyday but we can’t wait for him to be just as comfy and cosy in his forever home. 

If you’ve inevitably fallen in love with Vicky and think you can offer him a perfect home, click this link! (Link now removed. Update: Victor was adopted into a loving household of veterinary students in February of 2020! You can keep up with him via @theprincevictor on Instagram)

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